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The Project

Companies and organisations with a variety of backgrounds cooperate in the research and development project HyWindBalance: scientific bodies, engineering companies and consultancies in the fields of wind energy, hydrogen technology and IT as well as financial service providers and utilities. The project is co-funded by the federal state of Lower Saxony, the European Regional Development Fund, and EWE AG.

Zoom Wind-Hydrogen System for Providing Balancing Power

This consortium will develop, analyse, and test a system which combines wind power with the easily stored energy vector hydrogen. Some of the main elements of such facilities are electrolysers, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and sophisticated control units that optimise the performance of the system by means of wind power prediction and load forecasting.

The main aim of this joint venture is to develop a wind hydrogen system that, in its function as a »virtual power plant«, establishes the following options for wind energy:

  • Scheduled generation,
  • Reduction of need for balancing power from conventional power plants (secondary balancing power),
  • Sale of wind-based electricity as balancing power on the spot market.

It is noteworthy that wind-hydrogen systems provide balancing power free of carbon dioxide.

In the medium term, it will be possible to sell hydrogen from excess wind energy to other markets than the energy sector, for example as fuel for road vehicles. Such diversification of wind energy can relieve the electricity market from excess production.